Wine is passion, and passion for Italian wine and its success in the world are the true heart of I.E.M.
I.E.M. was established in 1999 by its two founding partners Giancarlo Voglino and Marina Nedic with the aim of building on the international experience they were able to mature in the fields of communication, marketing and event organization to promote Italian wine.
Since then, and thanks to its constant professional development, I.E.M. today has become an agency capable of offering assistance and support for the implementation of a variety of promotional events, guaranteeing their perfect outcome and effectiveness from conception to final completion.
I.E.M.’s strength lies in the knowledge that wine is a blend of cultural, traditional, social and historical traits that need to be enhanced and promoted in order to best highlight the quality and characteristics of Italian wine production around the world. This can be achieved by providing high professionalism and strong organisational skills, a thorough knowledge of the product and the markets, and by highlighting the importance of training, education and the cultural aspects behind the brand and its territory. Through its high-profile events and network of wine professionals selected on the basis of different targets, I.E.M. strives to offer wine producers and associatioins tangible opportunities for business and growth.


I.E.M.’s goal is to reduce the distance between a quality demand and a specific supply that is rooted in the values and production methods of a territory taken by the world as a role model for the variety and excellence of its winemaking offer.
I.E.M. examines the feasibility of specific events in different international markets with the aim of achieving tangible results for wine producers and their products. Building on a shared idea, I.E.M. creates customized initiatives capable of mirroring the characteristics and products of each wine producer while satisfying context requirements.
I.E.M. is specialized in the promotion of Italian wine in different markets through a unique and international tool at the service of Italian wine producers and associations: “Simply Italian Great Wines”.
I.E.M. represents the meeting point between each company’s expectations and the demand of the trade. Its clients can count on a high level of expertise acquired in the wine sector and on the courtesy and helpfulness of the staff, whose priority is to respect the client’s values and products. The solid relationship created in time with its local partners and the tight network of contacts involved in the organization of each event complete a framework that never overlooks the satisfaction of clients and participants or key values such as quality services, attention to detail and 360-degree assistance.
This is I.E.M.


By relying on I.E.M. to promote Italian wine around the world, means counting on a company that makes it its priority to search and identify new markets that show a propension for Italian wine and its consumption. It means taking part in events with a high profile thanks to the quality of its participants (selected wine professionals, members of trade, horeca, sommeliers, educators and journalists), and of the selected locations and to the reliability of its services. In other words, it means taking a decisive step forward towards the recognition of the work of each wine producing company worldwide.
I.E.M. offers a proven international credibility; in particular, it has been present since 2007 in the United States in Miami with IEEM – International Event and Exhibition Management with the specific aim of satisfying, on a daily basis, the needs of both Italian companies as well as wine professionals, journalists and opinion leaders of the entire American continent who show interest in our wines.

Passion is at the heart of each of our services

Our Team


Giancarlo Voglino

Managing Director

A graduate in agricultural studies and an enologists, Giancarlo matured a vast experience in the international promotion of Italian agroindustrial products with a special focus on wine. From his first experience at the Consortium of Asti Spumante he then moved on to manage the National Office for the Promotion of Italian Agroindustrial Products at ICE (The Italian Trade Commission) – before concentrating his efforts on the organization of events and the promotion of Italian wine in international markets. In this sector he went on to consolidate his great experience becoming one of the most recognized and well-known experts in the wine sector.


Marina Nedic

Managing Director

Marina comes from an international background: born in Belgrade and brought up in the United States and in Italy, after ending her studies in foreign languages she went on to build her career first in marketing and then in event organization, a sector in which she has specialized becoming a major expert in different areas.
A true citizen of the world, Marina divides her time between Italy and North America.

Giovanna Zullo

Project Manager

Martina Petacco

Project Coordinator

Carlotta Mirandola

Project Coordinator

Joy Abudwaya

Project Coordinator

Gemma Marenghi

Project Coordinator

Lara Finetto


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